Youth Sacramental Prep - 1st Communion

In the Diocese of Springfield of Illinois, students in 3rd grade receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and 1st Eucharist at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield - DETAILS

St. Cecilia's Sacramental preparation program includes both the parents and the students. 

Details and a schedule can be found here: Details & Schedule 

Quick links to materials are below:

Parent video - (don't forget to watch this ASAP):  

Presence - For Parents: Preparing Your Child for First Holy Communion    


Parent study


Parent & Student Classes:

St. Cecilia's sacramental preparation program for 1st Eucharist uses Signs of Grace: You are Loved.  

The following links may help your study:

      Scope & Sequence       Q & A        VIDEOS       Chapter Reviews: 7 8

Session  Special Material Link
1 Reveiw doc with pgs 6 - 11. Review w/pgs 6-11 
2 View "Buenos Aires Miracle" video.   Eucharistic Stories
 3 View "John Paul II and dogs" video.   Eucharistic Stories
 4 View "Lanciano Italy Miracle" video.   Eucharistic Stories
 5 Practice receiving host.  
 6  View "The Veil Removed" video.     The Veil Removed (6 min. video)   
 7 Review Mass Worship Aids.  
8 Review Mass Worship Aids  

To helep keep your student's attention during Mass, you may want to try Holy Heroes Sunday Mass Prep.