Totus Tuus

totus tuusTotus Tuus is a week-long Catholic summer "parish mission" program for youth in 1st - 12th grade that is dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through Catechetical Instruction, Christian Witness, Vocational Discernment, Marian Devotion, and Eucharistic Worship.

The goal of Totus Tuus is to help young people develop their relationship with Jesus Christ so that there is an intimate friendship whereby he may lead them to the Father, as it is only by establishing a real and personal relationship with Christ that we can be led to the love of the Father (cf. John 14:6-7).  To accomplish this goal, the Totus Tuus program emphasizes a devotion and love for our Lord in the Eucharist and for Mary our Mother.

Totus Tuus also seeks to foster openness to vocations.  This openness is accomplished by placing special emphasis on the importance and necessity of living a Christian lifestyle.  One of the program philosophies of Totus Tuus is that vocations, callings from God, can only be heard and responded to if one is living an authentic Christian life.  The teachers for Totus Tuus model this lifestyle by promising to be open to God's will for them and to actively discern God's call in their life.  Because teachers are striving to live an authentic Christian life and are actively discerning their vocation, they can better help young people do the same.  For more information on Totus Tuus contact the St. Cecilia office.  

Totus Tuus Leaders

Coordinators of the Totus Tuus ministry must love young people. They should have a real desire to serve young people by helping them experience God's love for them and the communities desire to invite them into the life and mission of the church. Totus Tuus Leaders are evangelizers who live and preach the Gospel with joy and conviction. Totus Tuus Leaders are responsible for coordinating all activities leading up to the summer retreat, support of the Diocesan Totus Tuus Team and special events during the summer mission, as well as any post-mission activities.

Adult Volunteers

Adult volunteers are welcome and needed to assist with programs and help enrich our Youth's experiences. There are many ways for adult volunteers to help: they can lead (or co-lead) activities, prepare meals, host group meetings or leader training, and pray for the Totus Tuus, etc. Volunteers are also needed to run the following events:

  • Pot Luck Dinner
  • Friday Fun Day
  • Daily lunches and snack helpers
  • Provide dinner meals for the Junior/Senior High Program
  • Family Hosts for Diocesan Totus Tuus Team Members (housing)
  • Family Hosts for Diocesan Totus Tuus Team Members evening dinners
  • Daily volunteers for registration, check-in and release


Totus Tuus volunteers are required to complete the Protecting God's Children program to promote a safe environment for our children.