Music Ministries

litMusic plays an important role at St. Cecilia’s (patron Saint of musicians).  The parish has a proud history of involvement in sacred music, both in the liturgy and in concerts and other special events.  Parishioners of all ages volunteer their time in a variety of roles – providing leadership and special music for the liturgy as cantors, choir members, bell choir members and instrumentalists.  Those involved in the music ministry offer the parish their time and talents, enhancing the liturgy through beautiful and uplifting music.  At the same time, many find that being part of the music ministry is a good way to make new friends and find community in a large and busy parish.  If you have a passion for music, please consider getting involved in this important ministry.  Take a look at the different groups and opportunities here – there are many ways to participate, even if you have a busy schedule. 

We invite you to become part of this dynamic ministry and praise God in song.

Please call 618-288-3200 or email Music and Worship Director Andrea Bakos for more information.

All ministers are required to complete the Protecting God's Children program to promote a safe environment for our children.


The role of Cantor is to lead the assembly in all forms of sung prayer during the Mass. Cantors are leaders and followers at the same time. Encouraging the assembly to sing by bravely entering into the song, and knowing when to let the congregation lead the song as well. The cantor is the catalytic link between the latent power and prayer of the music, and the receptivity of the assembly to be moved by that power to an authentic response. The cantor, through his or her genuine prayerfulness and engaging manner, is the link between what the musicians are offering as a foundation for structured prayer, and what the assembly contributes to the building of the Liturgy.

Choir Members

Choir Members draw on the treasury of sacred music, singing compositions by composers of various periods and in various musical styles, as well as music that expresses the faith of the various cultures that enrich the Church. Times where the choir commonly sing alone include the Entrance chant, the Preparation of the Gifts, during the Communion procession, after the reception of Communion, and the recessional.  Choir members meet each Wednesday evening to practice.


These individuals give greater praise to the Lord in the celebration of our liturgy as they share their talents for playing musical instruments.  They add harmony and greater melody to the assembly’s sung prayer.  Instrumentalists learn their own music individually, then meet with the Music Director before the assigned liturgy.  Instrumentalists play all year round, as their schedules permit.

Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir is a vibrant group of people who enjoy making music together as an ensemble. Comprised of people with a wide variety of ages and musical experiences, this group has a lot of fun making music together. The Handbell Choir accompanies Mass on occasion. All talent and experience levels are welcome (even if you have no prior musical training)!  Handbell Choir members meet weekly in the evening to practice.