Pro-Life Initiatives

40 Days for Life

All are encouraged to participate in our campaign during Wed. February 14 - Sun. March 24 in these ways:

PRAYER & FASTING – Prayer is the foundation of every 40 Days for Life campaign. Prayer keeps us humble and united. Without prayer, our campaign is a mere protest.

  • PRAY - Spend time during your normal day praying for the end to abortion.  PRAYER    DEVOTIONAL    PRO-LIFE Prayers
  • FAST - Fasting detaches us from what we are attached to so we can focus on prayer and God.

PEACEFUL VIGIL – Spend an hour peacefully praying at  Hope Clinic, Granite City, IL.  

  • Sign up on St. Cecilia's adopted day:   MARCH 3
  • Sign up for an hour that has not been filled:   FILL THE GAP

RALLIES  – at  Hope Clinic, Granite City, IL       FLYERS

  • Sunday, March 3, 1:00 - 2:00 pm  -  Jericho Walk with Pastor Alan Beuster
  • Sunday, March 24, 6:00 - 7:00 pm - Guest Speaker and dinner @ St. Cecilia

Click on these for more information:  WEBSITEFACT SHEETSTATEMENT of PEACECODE of CONDUCT

FACTS  – Looking for information about Abortion and the IL laws?  Click HERE


Nation - USCCB

Please join in the many initiatives and resources from the USCCB:  WEBSITE     RESOURCES


Diocese of Springfield

Please join in the many initiatives from our Diocese:  WEBSITE